Water is Your Secret Weapon to a Better You

Water is Your Secret Weapon to a Better You

While most people are aware that water is good for you, but are you aware of how good it actually is. This amazing thirst quencher is not only refreshing but offers some amazing mind and body benefits, making it your secret weapon to a becoming a better you. So, next time you look at a 10L water bottle, you may view it in a whole new light.


Water is Vital:

The human body is approximately 60 percent water, and it is needed by all the cells, tissues, muscles and organs for essential functions. Water is not only needed to quench your thirst and regulate your temperature, but it acts as a lubricant on your joints and helps you to flush out any waste. Even if the temperatures outside are not particularly hot, you will still be losing water through breathing, so it is vital that any lost water is replaced.

Water Improves Health:

Just drinking water can help you with an extensive range of health problems. From digestive issues through to dementia, drinking more water can alleviate or eliminate symptoms. According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, increasing your water intake to over five glasses per day can cause a significant reduction in your risk of developing fatal heart disease. Other studies have shown that drinking water lowers the risk of developing colon, bladder or breast cancer. It can even provide “total relief” from headaches.

Water Improves Fitness:

Whether you just want to get through a spinning class or you are training for a serious triathlon, water should be an integral component of your game plan. Water is vital for any athlete as even slight dehydration can have a negative impact on your physical and mental performance. Just 1 percent dehydration impairs heart rate, stroke rate, and blood volume, which increases the risk of cramp and heat exhaustion. Maintaining proper hydration also allows your organs and muscles to function at full capacity, allowing you to work harder for longer. Water can also boost your concentration levels to help you focus on your end goal.

Water Improves Mental Acuity:

If you experience that mid afternoon lethargy at work, it may not be due to your overflowing in-tray. It could be that you are suffering from mild dehydration. By drinking some water, you can increase oxygen to the brain and boost your mental capacity by as much as 30 percent. Drinking water will help to improve your communication, concentration and decision making capacity. It will also help you to have the endurance you need to get through your working day.

Water Improves Your Cool:

While you may consider water necessary to keep physically cool during the hot summer days, it can also help you to keep your cool. Numerous studies have shown that being dehydrated increases hotheadedness, so you are likely to experience feelings of irritability and anger. So to boost your mood and keep your cool, be sure to keep a 10 litre water bottle close by.

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