What To Do When You’re Away from Your Benchtop Water Cooler

What To Do When You’re Away from Your Benchtop Water Cooler

6 Tips for Staying Hydrated When You’re on the Road

Once you have a benchtop water cooler at home, it’s hard to imagine being without it. However, we can’t stay indoors all the time, drinking our tasty spring water. Staying hydrated when you’re out and about, particularly during the summer months can be a real challenge. It’s far too easy to become dehydrated and remember if your mouth feels dry you’re already dehydrated. Here are six tips, that will help you to drink enough when you’re on the go.

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1. The Car Based Cooler:

A cooler or insulated bag to keep drinks and food cold is a readily available product. These products are great for keeping your water cold, and they work for a long time. This is a perfect solution when you need relief from the sun.

2. Freezing Water Bottles:

As well as putting your water bottles in cooler, you could freeze them the night before. They will take a long time to defrost in a cooler box, and you will have a super cool refreshing drink.

3. Use Your Own Water:

Sure, you could spend money buying bottles of water when you’re on the go, but why bother with that. If you’ve invested money into an Aussie Natural benchtop water cooler, you can use that water instead. We also stock water bottles that you can decant your water into for drinking from during the day or you could buy some of our bottle spring water.

4. Food Can be Hydrating:

If you’re going to use a cooler, you could also pack it with some tasty hydrating treats. High water content foods, such as oranges, melons slices, celery and many other fruits and vegetables are ideal. Make salads, put them in a container and stack them in the cooler with a fork, delicious and hydrating.

5. Plan Some Stops:

It isn’t always possible to drink, especially if you’re on a road trip. Take some time to prepare and highlight some places where you can stop to enjoy a drink of water and a snack.

6. Avoid Unhealthy Drinks:

Soda is not a great drink for a road trip, it isn’t as hydrating as water, and they are usually loaded with caffeine and sugar. Drinking water is great for hydration, but if you need to have a sweet drink, why not make your own? It’s fairly simple to make your own water infusions and juice drinks for a road trip. If you use fresh juice, just remember that it may oxidise a few hours after it’s made, so drink any fresh fruit drinks first.

If you’re in the market for a benchtop water cooler filter system, contact us. At Aussie Natural we offer a myriad of high quality water products, including benchtop water coolers for home and business use. We rent out our coolers and offer ongoing support, to ensure that any water drinking disruption is minimised. All of the water we supply to our clients is locally sourced natural spring water that tastes delicious. We can also deliver your water bottles direct to your home or business for added convenience.

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