About Aussie Natural Spring Water

Aussie Natural Spring Water is a proudly Western Australian owned and operated spring water company. Based in Perth, we’re committed to remaining Australia’s premium spring water suppliers to our customers- whether it’s in the home, the office, or on the go.

The Darling Ranges: home to some of West Australia’s most pristine national parks and rock formations. Here, some of the oldest rocks on earth lies exposed; the granite, quartzites, and gneisses are from an ancient time of over 2,500 million years ago. It’s at this amazing location that Aussie Natural Spring Water sources the fresh spring water that our customers love.

These natural springs act as filters, with water moving gently through layers of rock and sand and into protected aquifers- this can mean travelling thousands of kilometres through nature’s filtration system for up to a hundred years.

This water is carefully drawn from our natural springs, and transported to Perth in stainless steel tankers. Before the water has reached our bottling facility, it is already among the most purest water to be found across Australia, then to be passed through further spring water micro-filtration systems in our state-of-the-art Perth facilities. This also includes the assurance that we have eliminated any harmful microorganisms or bacteria from the water, with an ultraviolet sterilizing unit. This technologically advanced electrolytic process is only the finishing touches on Mother Nature’s long and laborious natural filtration system, so we can guarantee a safe and great tasting product.

Here, the water is bottled and prepared for distribution to our customers across Perth and Western Australia; from homes, offices, and workplaces, to supermarkets, sports clubs, lunch bars and cafe’s.
Aussie Natural conforms to the Food Code Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), which regulates bottled water as a “food product”.