Sustainability Statement

Aussie Natural Spring Water are a WA family owned and operated business. We understand our journey towards sustainability and environmental accountability starts with us. There are many aspects to sustainability in an environmental context; with this in mind we are creating our own path to lasting and responsible changes to benefit future generations.

A reuse, reduce and recycle methodology is woven into every aspect of our business.  We are aware of our community and social responsibilities regarding environmental waste, therefore we are collaborating with business partners for waste diversion opportunities and to identify, improve and promote the use of environmentally sustainable practices.  As part of this commitment, we are continually researching and developing ways to improve our practices and are excited that we are now producing lighter packaging, resulting in less consumption of raw materials and energy.

We encourage you to come on this journey with us.  For you to be able to recycle eligible drink containers, included below is the link for the container deposit scheme collection locations and a link to learn more about the objectives of the scheme.