8 Ways to Conserve Water in the Kitchen

8 Ways to Conserve Water in the Kitchen

Do you know how much water do you actually use in the kitchen every day?

Most of us actually spend at least a couple of hours in the kitchen every day, once you factor in breakfast, lunch and dinner preparation, washing up, stacking the dishwasher and unpacking the groceries, time quickly begins to add up.

Especially coming up to summer, it’s important that we all become more conscious of our water consumption. The kitchen is an area of the house, that uses a lot of water but with a few simple changes you can drastically reduce your consumption.

By following these 8 easy tips you can save at least 20% on the water you use in the kitchen!

1. Turn off the tap:

It’s easy to just leave the tap running for too long and over fill the sink.The sink doesn’t have to be filled to the brim every time; this is just a waste as you’ll just have to let some water out once you add the dishes. It is also an extravagance in summer to use two full sinks, one for washing and one for rinsing, if you start with the cleanest dishes and work your way through to the dirtiest you should avoid the need for an addition sink.

2. Use Bowls To Scrub:

Instead of using a full sink to scrub your fruits vegetables, use a large glass bowl that you can place into the sink. Also, scrub them with a vegetable brush instead of allowing your tap to be a pressure washer.

3. Plan Ahead:

Don’t use hot water to defrost foods that have come out of the freezer. Not only will this help you conserve water, but you’ll also get better food quality, because hot water will start to cook the outside of the food and give you a poor result.

4. Double Up on Cooking:

Some foods need water to cook, but some foods can be cooked by steam. If you’re boiling rice, for example, you could use a steaming rack on top of the pot to steam the vegetables you’re preparing.

5. Don’t Let Water Go To Waste:

If you’ve got plants in your home, then they’ll enjoy the leftover water that you’ve got on your stove from the boiling process. If you haven’t put spices or salt into the water, then use the leftover water for your plants instead of your drain.

6. Replace Your Old Tap With A Low Flow Model:

Replacing an old tap with a new water saving, low flow model can save up to 50%. The latest generation of kitchen tap ware include aerators, which can help reduce your usage if you do a lot of rinsing.

7. Upgrade Your Dishwasher:

Did you know that you could save up to 75% of the water you use for dishes by upgrading to a water saving dishwasher? If you get an Energy Star rated appliance, you won’t even be using that much power to get it done either.

8. Get A Water Cooler:

A great way to save water around the house is to invest in a water cooler! When you want a cool drink of water on a hot day, it’s such an easy way to get instantly cool water, that way you won’t be tempted to wait for your kitchen tap to cool off and waste all that water down the drain.

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