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Water Cooler Rentals Perth

Having an Aussie Natural water cooler in your office, workplace or home is by far the easiest way to ensure that you have Natural Spring Water Available, ready and flowing in seconds. It quite literally takes less than 30-seconds to replace an empty bottle with a fresh one (provided you don’t move in slow motion or stop to chat halfway through)

This months special is the following!

$99 billed annually incl. gst for Cool and Cold Water Coolers + Receive 3 x 15L Welcome Aussie Natural Bottles!

Businesses will also receive a free cup holder and sleeve of cups!

Aussie Natural water coolers are about as competitive as they come PLUS you are dealing with a local WA owned and operated company who knows WA and supports the local community! We work with you to deliver you fresh, natural spring water to your doorstep when you need it.

Perfect for the office or home, Aussie Natural’s water coolers and dispensers are easy to use and take up no more than one square foot of floor space. That’s about the same amount of floor space as one bag of shopping!

Concerned about spills when refilling your water cooler? Don’t be. We have developed a system whereby the water bottle is placed directly onto the cooler with the cap still on! No Spills!

Rent a water cooler from us at Aussie Natural and you are guaranteed to be looked after in the proper W.A way, and with all water cooler maintenance covered by us free of charge for the life of your rental- why would you go anywhere else?

For more product information please call us on 1300 360 332.

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With a range of water coolers available for you to own in your office, workplace or home, you can ensure you’ve always got fresh, cold spring water when you want it. Designed with a built in cooling system, our Aussie Natural water coolers come in a range of sizes- the perfect addition to any space where you want to provide refreshing water.

The bottles have been designed to fit perfectly, with easy replacement between empty bottles and your next fresh one. Simply remove the empty bottle, and place the new one on top. No spills, and no toppling.

Our products have been designed with our customers in mind. We provide cooling options for your countertop, or freestanding; with a variety of hot, cool, and cold spring water, all sourced from our pristine natural springs in Western Australia’s Darling Ranges. Tea, coffee, soups, and more are now yours to enjoy, with ultimate ease and convenience. Have your water cooler delivered to your door, by our friendly Aussie Natural team.

Call our team today to find how you could get our Aussie Natural Spring Water products delivered straight to your door!

At Aussie Natural Spring Water, we’re proudly Perth’s premier spring water supplier, providing quality spring water at best prices- whether it’s bottled water, water coolers, water filters, or anything in between, Aussie Natural Spring Water can provide clean, refreshing water to meet a range of needs and requirements, at competitive value that doesn’t cut down on quality.