Cooler Cleaning

Basic Guide for Cooler Care

Coolers are an excellent way to have great quality water on hand at all times. However, if you want to ensure that your cooler continues to deliver excellent water, it will need some basic care and maintenance. Fortunately, this basic guide can help you to keep your cooler in tip top condition.

It is recommended that you clean your cooler approximately every three to six months. Cleaning should only take approximately fifteen minutes and is easiest to accomplish before you change a bottle.

Cleaning Time Required: Approximately 15 Minutes

Frequency: Every 3-6 months

Safety: Ensure the cooler is disconnected from any power supply before cleaning.

Important: Do NOT use bleach or any other cleaning solutions which contain bleach or chlorine. They can permeate and damage the unit, and may taint your drinking water.



You will need to unplug the unit, remove your empty bottle and ensure that any remaining water is drained from the unit.


It is a good idea to start with cleaning the exterior of the unit. These surfaces can be cleaned with a clean non abrasive sponge and a mild household detergent.

Then once clean, dry the exterior with a soft cloth, removing any remainder of dust or debris.


Start by removing the cooler spike: turn the spike and collar anticlockwise until you feel the latch release. Lift the spike and collar, and then remove the reservoir plastic seal.

On some models of cooler, you may also need to remove the cooler lid.

To effectively clean your cooler reservoir, create a solution of 50 ml of regular household vinegar and 2 litres of clean water. Pour this into the reservoir and allow it to stand for 5-10 minutes. Then use a non abrasive cleaning sponge to scrub the reservoir clean.

Drain the vinegar solution out of the cooler by running it through the taps.


Use clean tap water to refill the reservoir to thoroughly rinse the unit to ensure any traces of the cleaning solution are removed. Drain the water and repeat this rinsing process a further 3-5 times.

The drained water should run clear to indicate it is thoroughly rinsed.


Place the plastic seal back into position and lock the spike and collar back into position turning them clockwise to lock the latches. Plug in the unit and place a new bottle onto the cooler, then allow at least 10-15 minutes for the unit to bring your water to the correct temperature.

Quick Cleaning Maintenance:

During cleaning, it is also an ideal time to check that the area around the cooler is free of dirt and dust, and your drip tray is cleaned regularly.

If you are interested in learning more about our water cooler rentals or proper cooler maintenance, please speak to one of our friendly staff. The Aussie Natural team is happy to answer questions or queries you may have.