Help Your Teeth with a Ceramic Water Dispenser

Help Your Teeth with a Ceramic Water Dispenser

Many people take their health seriously and ensure that they drink enough water every day. Another important aspect of our daily health regime revolves around our teeth and their daily care. The dentist will tell you that the best way to care for your teeth is to brush them twice each day, floss them daily, avoid sugary drinks and foods, and use a strong mouthwash. This is all sound advice, but what a dentist will not usually mention is that drinking water is one of the best things that you can do to keep your teeth healthy. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon and why it works so w

Cleaning Your Teeth:

Brushing your teeth is the best way to keep your clean, but how does it work? Well, when we brush our teeth, we are removing all the bacteria and plaque from the surface. Then we replace that detritus with a new protective coating, that is essentially the ingredients contained in the toothpaste you’ve chosen to use. We often, follow up with a strong mouthwash for two very important reasons. The first reason is that the mouthwash being swirled inside the mouth will move any detritus in any areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. The second reason is that a good strong mouthwash has antiseptic properties to kill any bacteria remaining. Now let’s examine how water acts in a similar way.

Drinking from Spring Water Bottles

Drinking Water Cleans Your Teeth:

All the aspects of brushing and cleaning your teeth outlined above are replicated for the most part by drinking water regularly. When you take the time to drink a crisp and fresh glass of water from your ceramic water dispenser, you’re getting hydrated, but you’re also cleaning your teeth. This would even be the case if you drank a sugary soda drink and then drank a glass of water afterward. The water could be swished around your mouth before being swallowed, and some cleaning would occur. The amount of sticky sugar that had adhered to your teeth would be reduced almost immediately. When the quantity of sugar on your teeth, it leads to a significantly reduced amount of bacteria buildup. This means that when you brush your teeth at night, there will be far less bacteria to remove.

In Conclusion:

Of course, we are not advocating that drinking fresh spring or filtered water will replace your usual dental regime. Think of the teeth cleaning properties of drinking water as an additional benefit that you can enjoy.

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Best water, service and price! Dealt with Hayley through email who was efficient and friendly and Mary over the phone more recently to add more bottles to be delivered and she was easy to understand and prompt ! Love having good cold water in Perths summer heat and it’s made better when it’s so easy to access with their delivery service and the great customer service they provide.
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What a huge improvement from the last company I used. Service is great, super lovely staff who actually want your business and go out of their way. Water always on time and prompt. Great value and great service. Well done guys. I highly recommend.
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Best water in Perth
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Great value and rapid customer support
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When your daughter mentions that the water at Mummy's house is better than at Daddy's house you know your onto something good. If a 5yo can taste the difference in the water quality what's that say about what is coming out of our taps. Thanks for making the small changes I've made in our health easy. Delivery guy is always polite and happy to carry the bottles to where I store them. Staff, on the few times I've had to visit the Wangara office, are always polite. Really if you want to do something good for your family then Aussie Natural Spring Water is a no brainer. You won't regret the change.