Why Water Dispensers Make Good Business Sense For Your Office?

Why Water Dispensers Make Good Business Sense For Your Office?
Water Dispensers

Given we spend about a third of our lives in work, it is essential to integrate some healthy habits into this environment that we spend so much of our valuable time. Taking a proactive approach to your wellbeing is vital in any workplace, but office environments nearly more so. The reasoning behind this is that the average office worker spends up to eight hours a day sitting down, and according to health professionals excessive bum to chair contact is the new health epidemic to rival smoking.

In busy roles, we can sometimes lose ourselves in our tasks and forget about our well-being. From access to a water dispenser to taking opportunistic walking breaks, there are a couple of ways to curb the office worker malaise that is baying in the background.

Having access to a cold-water dispenser has benefits by the bucket-full. Aside from having crisp, fresh drinking water to keep you hydrated, walking to your workplace water dispenser enables you some opportunity to get your walking steps up. A good tip is to set a reminder on your calendar to take a water break on the hour, every hour. If you have a pedometer, set yourself a challenge to hit 250 steps and quench your thirst in one foul swoop.

Vending Machine Embargo

If you are lucky; or unlucky enough to have the temptation of a vending machine in your workplace, try to avoid it at all costs. Instead, beat the 3pm slump with a homemade bliss ball and a cup of herbal tea. If you can’t avoid the bright lights of the lolly larder, why not canvas the support of your HR team to incorporate some healthy eating incentives into the workplace.

Talk Therapy

It is so easy to get sucked into a culture of email communication, but this is not good for your headspace. If you can disseminate specific information directly to your colleague without the need for information technology, take this opportunity for a leg stretch and a yarn!

Have the Edge with Ergonomics

Having a sound desk set up is a good way to support correct posture and reduce risk of injury. Many larger workplaces will have an onsite WHS officer that can assist you to set up a super slick workstation, but if not, you can google some tips on how to best position yourself for physical greatness.

That’s a Wrap

In a nutshell, some quick tips to make sure your office experience is a healthy one, include water coolers, incidental walking opportunities, less emails and a well set up work space.

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