Why DONT you have a benchtop water dispenser yet?

Why DONT you have a benchtop water dispenser yet?
benchtop water dispenser

Why DONT you have a benchtop water bottle yet? Maybe you didn’t know that the big standalone water dispensers you have seen on TV or in offices are now available in a more compact size, but what does it offer you? This size decrease is not the only benefit a compact water dispenser has to offer as you can expect other great additions from this invention.

If you keep reading you too will see why having a water dispenser or any Aussie Natural filters is a great addition for any location. If at any time during this blog you are interested in purchasing a water filter for yourself, then Aussie Natural is where you should look. Aussie Natural has a wide and unique selection of water dispensers that can fit in any home while providing fresh, cold and clean water.

The Benefits Of Having A Jug Of Water Over Your Tap

With tap water being the general option for most households, people have stopped wondering if the water that comes out is completely free of chemicals or metals. The first part of your tap water you should consider is the pipes that are used to transport it to your house. You might have heard about how in olden times people would get lead poisoning from lead plates as over time the material can mix into anything left on it. This concept continues with your tap water as the pipes used to transport the liquid are commonly made of lead or copper. Over time small amounts of these minerals transfer into your water and overnight this increases as it has more time to lurk in the pipe. Over time this can start causing some issues directed at your health and it is commonly recommended to release some water after night just to get rid of the build-up.

When you have a water dispenser the main way of storing water will be through water jugs. These jugs are highly affordable and are great for being a way of storing large backups of water. Not only this but by having all of that water stored separately means that the water isn’t being left in direct contact with copper or lead pipes, unlike your tap water. Choosing a water dispenser means that your water will have less contact with copper and lead pipes creating a refreshing and safe beverage anytime you want.

Refillable Bottle Means No Waste

With the Earth and the environment being treated so terribly with plastic waste doing your part now is more important than ever. Considering thousands of plastic water bottles are being produced and purchased every day, the amount of potential rubbish starts accumulating fast. This troubling product is being purchased because having easy fast filtered water is considered something of a rarity when in reality it isn’t. Water dispenser jugs are refillable, hold huge amounts of water at a given time and are perfect for lifestyles on the go. They are a great choice for switching to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Water dispenser jugs are refillable and are great for the environment for their design and purpose. You might be thinking “why would a large jug be great for the fast pace lifestyle”? Well, it alone doesn’t do everything, when you pair this device with a thermos or any temperature sealing refillable water bottles. These two together allow quick, cold and refreshing water without the plastic water bottle waste. 

Don’t Have Space? At Least Install An Inline Water Filter?

Let’s say you want to keep your kitchen counter nice and pristine like when you first got it. Even though a benchtop water dispenser is compact it might not work with the theme you were going for, don’t worry as there is still another solution to get clean filtered water. Aussie Natural’s selection contains inline water filters that if you are looking for a minimalist design is perfect for fitting under your kitchen sink. With this filter available in your house, your water will be clean and metal-free by the time it exits your tap. Taking out all the nasty impurities like minerals, chemicals and bacterias. If you prefer a less spacious benchtop water dispenser then look towards the inline water filter.


Having Filtered Water Helps Improve Your Lifestyle

Your health and lifestyle will benefit greatly when owning a water filter. Through a combination of direct changes and indirect changes, you will see a steady growth in your daily mood when you have filtered water available. How does this work? Well, keep reading.

Filtered water is the first quick answer, removing all those unwanted minerals and disinfectants from your water is great for your health as these impurities can cause some health damage if consumed in large quantities. Whenever you see those loveable water dispensers commonly found in waiting rooms, there is always the thought that maybe you should go take a cup and rehydrate yourself just to try it out. Water is well known for helping improve morale and increase energy as your body is constantly using water in most of your bodily functions. Having a water filter commonly means that you will drink more water daily because it’s easier than buying a bottle from the store.

When these combine you will see improvements to your daily lifestyle when you buy yourself a benchtop water cooler or another type of water filter from Aussie Natural.

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