Top 6 Different Ways You Can Use Your Water Cooler

Top 6 Different Ways You Can Use Your Water Cooler
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It’s pretty obvious that the main use of your water cooler is to keep yourself hydrated with fresh spring water throughout the day. That’s pretty much all there is to it, right? Well, there are actually plenty of other ways that you can take advantage of your water cooler. Let’s take a look!

    1. Quick tea and coffee

Whether you have a benchtop water cooler or a large cooler in the office, a quick cup of tea or coffee is made easy if you choose a cooler with a hot water option. Just pop in your tea or coffee and fill it up!

    1. Make office lunches easy

Instead of having to wait for the kettle to boil, your free standing cooler can make life a lot easier when it comes to a quick office lunch or snack. Use the hot water function to prepare instant soup, two minute noodles or instant porridge.

    1. Access fresh water when travelling

Of course you can’t take a freestanding water cooler with you but a ceramic water cooler is perfect for fresh water when you’re not at home. A ceramic cooler keeps your water naturally cool and is a great option for picnics, camping or holidays.

    1. Keep pets cool on hot days

If you’re worried about your pet on hot days, you can help keep them nice and cool by filling up their water bowls using the cold water option on your water cooler. This is also the perfect cool down for your dog after a long walk!

    1. Prepare baby bottles

When you have a hungry baby waiting to be fed, you want quick access to hot water. Use your water cooler for instant hot water for your baby bottles – no waiting for the kettle to boil! Bottle too hot? Don’t worry – just top it up with a touch of cold water from your cooler for the perfect temperature.

  1. Easy hot and cold compresses

If you have cold water available with your water cooler, you can easily make up cold compresses for swelling and pain by soaking a small towel in cold water. You can also use the hot water to make hot compresses to treat issues such as injuries – just remember not to burn yourself!

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