Reduce plastic pollution with water coolers!

Reduce plastic pollution with water coolers!

Each year, Australians use and throw away thousands of water bottles. While most plastic water bottles are designed to be recycled, experts estimate that only 10% of these plastic bottles actually get recycled. The other 90% will go to a landfill, taking nearly 1,000 years to decompose.

As Australians look for ways to lessen their environmental impact, many have turned to water coolers as a simple, cost effective alternative to water bottles.

Unlike plastic water bottles, water coolers provide clean, fresh water from large, reusable jugs, drastically reducing the number of water bottles your family members or employees throw away. The water is kept at a cool, comfortable temperature for instant enjoyment and refreshment.

When deciding which company to purchase or rent your water coolers from, think local with Aussie Natural Spring Water. Located right here in Perth, Aussie Natural Spring Water delivers natural spring water right to your home or office. Aussie Natural Spring Water cares about the environment.

All Aussie Natural products are made responsibly from recyclable materials and all 15-liter jugs are sanitized and refilled.

By using these plastic jugs until the end of their lives, Aussie Natural Spring Water helps you lower your environmental impact. When the jugs do reach the end of their usable life, Aussie Natural ensures each jug is properly recycled, saving you from the sometimes complicated burden of finding a recycling solution.

With Aussie Natural, you know you’re also caring for the environment.

For as little as $9/month, you can supply your home or office with ice-cold spring water!

Aussie Natural Spring Water prides themselves on offering premium natural spring water to Western Australia while impacting the environment as little as possible.

Contact Aussie Natural today to get your home or office water cooler!