Ceramic Water Dispenser Maintenance

Ceramic Water Dispenser Maintenance
ceramic water dispenser

If you’re looking into acquiring a water dispenser for your home or office space, an often forgotten but all too important aspect when it comes to these units is its cleaning and maintenance. With all the units available on the market today, not only do you have to consider space restrictions, electricity costs, and what type of water you wish to use with your dispenser, but you also have to think about the ease of maintenance specific units may or may not have.

With water coolers that come with hot and cold functions, these require electrical connections and regular maintenance to not only keep the unit functioning, but your water tasting great, too. And while ceramic water dispensers do not require electricity for use, as with all water dispensers, users must be mindful of possible contamination and bacteria that can come from still water in any container that is subject to differing temperatures, handling practices, and airborne dust and grime.

Mold and mildew can grow even in new water dispenser units if they are not maintained properly throughout months of use, and this can not only affect the taste of your water, but also possibly cause exposure to waterborne diseases, which can be easily prevented by regular maintenance.

It is generally recommended to clean any water dispenser every 3 to 6 months to ensure safe, potable water from your dispensers at all times. And if you choose to use ceramic water dispensers specifically, you don’t have to worry about an overly complicated cleaning routine, as it is actually quite easy to maintain these types of water dispensing units!

Compactly-built, and sits perfectly even on limited kitchen counter spaces, these units don’t require plugging into a power source to cool your water – instead, its construction makes it such that water is stored below room temperature, keeping it naturally cool without the added expense to your electricity bill. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about being careful with the circuitry – seeing as the unit is self-cooling and does not have to be plugged in. Because of these reasons, it only makes sense that more and more people are considering the use of ceramic water dispensers for their home or workplace for its space-saving aspects as well as its easy maintenance.

But if you’re wondering just how one is supposed to clean a ceramic water dispenser, look no further. Below, a simple guide:

    1. Drain all the remaining water in the ceramic water dispenser.This is easy to do, as you can just drain the water through the peg or the tap at the bottom of the unit.
    2. Fill the dispenser with your chosen cleaning solution.As with anything that comes into contact with food, the most important thing is to first ensure that the cleaning solution you use is food-safe. While some people may say that bleach is acceptable to use for disinfect and sanitise, be mindful!It is recommended to avoid using bleach, as while this does disinfect, any bleach residue left behind from improper cleaning can be dangerous to ingest. Instead, consult with the manufacturer of your unit what cleaning solutions can be used to ensure that not only will your ceramic water dispenser be fully sanitised, but safe for use for your future water consumption.Depending on which chemical product you’ll use to clean, disinfect, or descale your water dispenser, make sure that you use it at the right concentration and for the appropriate period of time for maximum effectivity.When you fill the dispenser reservoir with the cleaning solution, you can also scrub the insides of it with a clean, soft-bristled brush to ensure all inside surfaces are cleaned. Let this solution sit as per manufacturer’s instructions, and drain.
    3. Rinse out the dispenser.After you’ve cleaned the ceramic water dispenser with a cleaning solution, make sure to drain the remaining liquid out of the reservoir by using the peg or tap. This is so that the remaining cleaning chemicals are removed and you will have uncontaminated water when you fill it up afterwards.To really make sure that your dispenser reservoir is cleaned thoroughly, rinse it through at least two or three times, before filling up with clean tap or bottled water.
    4. Wipe the outside with a disinfectant regularly.While you do not have to clean the inside surfaces of your ceramic unit until every few months or as recommended by the manufacturer, it’s always a good idea to wipe down the outside surfaces of your water dispenser at least once every few days. This is to keep airborne dust particles from settling onto your unit and possibly getting into your drinking water as a result.Use a disinfectant wipe or a clean cloth to wipe away these surfaces and keep your unit looking shiny and clean. It only takes a few seconds and goes a long way in keeping your ceramic water dispenser looking and performing at its best.And there you have it, a simple way to clean your unit.

As you can see, maintenance of ceramic water dispensers is actually quite easy! If you refer to the steps above, and stick to a regular cleaning schedule, you can rest easy not only that you are keeping your dispenser sanitised for every user, but also that your chosen water type will taste the best that it possibly can once drained into the reservoir.

Still unconvinced that you should clean according to a schedule as advised? Just keep in mind that regular maintenance prevents against mold, mildew, and any possible contaminants that can affect the taste and quality of your water, which is why it’s an important step that should not be skipped. And because these cleaning cycles aren’t too frequent, for the times that you do have to do a deep clean of your unit, set a reminder for yourself on your calendar so you don’t forget! It’s a necessary step for proper health and hydration.

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