The Ins and Outs of Water Filters and Benchtop Water Coolers

The Ins and Outs of Water Filters and Benchtop Water Coolers
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When it comes to hydration for your workplace or your household, it always pays to be thorough and research your options. If you are looking into getting a water cooler for your needs but cannot decide between a benchtop or a standing water cooler, consider your area. If there is limited floorspace, a benchtop one might be the best suited for you. But what are cold water filters and how do they work for your water dispensers? Are benchtop water coolers a good option for small spaces?


Cold Water Filters


These can be found in water dispensers and play the role of cooling drinking water for consumption. This works by connecting to the main water supply and adding another filter for water to pass through. This helps to further filter any remaining chemicals and chlorine that may have been present in the water as a result of the standard filtering and disinfection process of most potable water supplies. Depending on your supplier, you may be looking at a 5-micron carbon block filter being used for maximum results. What this means is that this particular filter will remove microbes that are equal to or greater than 5 micron in diameter. Some suppliers will also include a sediment filter of up to 1-micron, and depending on their proffered package, will be available to clean and maintain your water filter system as is required regularly to ensure safe, clean water every day, all day.


Installation Process


Having a cold water filter is a great option for when you’re after instantaneous potable water with less possible chemicals. Depending on your choice, there are options out there that may give you the freedom to DIY your own water filter installation. But when it comes to your health, it may be a better idea to let an expert install your filtration system. Not only would it take less time and energy on your part, you can rest assured that your system will work perfectly as it would have been installed accurately in the most efficient way possible. 


When looking for your new water filtration system, ask your supplier if they do installations, as most do include them in their offered services. Aside from this, ask what their technicians’ qualifications are and ensure that they will be knowledgeable about the product they may be placing in your chosen location. A well-qualified team will ensure little to no disruption to your day when they install it, as they will know the specifics of installing the product and will be experienced in doing so enough to be able to do it quickly and accurately. 


Aside from this, ask your potential supplier if they provide monthly filter replacements. Filters degrade over time and can lose effectivity if used for longer than their recommended time. Companies that offer water filtration systems often offer to include monthly filter replacements in the monthly billing, which will play a significant role in ensuring that you have consistently clean and delicious water all days of the year.


Benchtop water coolers Perth


Standard coolers require 1 square foot of space, be it on your benchtop or floor area. Benchtop water coolers are convenient for small areas like office kitchen spaces or apartment kitchens, where space is valuable and compact solutions can really help to maximise the area. And as with all water coolers, you benefit by having easy access to clean and safe water that you know has been filtered properly and lessens the risk of chemicals entering your system that may be present in other water sources.


Depending on your choice, you may choose to use a benchtop water cooler with a bottled water source. You may also end up choosing a bottleless cooler that connects to the main water supply and utilises cold water filters. The latter option may sound complicated, but it simply means that it will draw the water from where you would usually get tap water from, run it through additional filters, and ensure crisp and clean potable water. And if it stops working and no water gets filtered through, it’s usually not the water cooler that needs to be looked at, but your plumbing system. Sometimes something as simple as turning the water valve off and on will do the trick, and get you back on track to free flowing clean water.


And when it comes to installation, the supplier you hire a water cooler from usually does the installation for you, too, and keeps track of the maintenance depending on the package that they offer. This really helps to reduce the possible headache of installing it by yourself, especially if you choose to go bottleless. Water coolers are usually really easy to clean, as well, meaning that regular maintenance will not only be a piece of cake, but also that you won’t have to worry about contaminants getting into your water because it’s easy to maintain. And, if something breaks, simply contact your supplier and they should be able to assist you with any issues that have risen.


As for costs? Keep in mind that while there may be a monthly cost of hiring out a water cooler system, you might actually be saving money in the long run by choosing to use this water source. Purchasing water in bottles from your local shops, fast food places, and convenience stores may seem like small change when you buy them, but over time these expenses add up. Keep track of your weekly water bottle purchases and you’ll be able to see how you will not only be saving money by having your own filtered water at home, but also helping to keep environmental waste down by lowering your plastic usage. 


If you are looking for the best cold water filter system, look no further than Aussie Natural Water! Call us today to find out how you can get started on finding the best hydration system for your needs, so you can ensure you’re as hydrated as you can possibly be.


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