Cheers to Water!

Cheers to Water!

Everyone knows water is an awesome drink, but do you know why it’s especially awesome? Here are seven things water does for you, all without asking… And all you have to do is drink it!

1. Let Your Skin Glow

Did you know water could help you to look younger? Hydrated skin is more elastic, resulting in a youthful glow and appearance. And you don’t even have to drink from the fountain of youth to achieve it.

2. Increase Brain Power

Water influences your brain in a major way. When you are dehydrated, you’re more apt to be tired, moody, and unfocused. Drink the clear stuff and your brain will kick into high gear.

3. Cleanse a Binge

Ever feel yucky after consuming too much sugar, salt, or alcohol? Water can help flush these toxins from your body and bring you back to peak performance.

4. Ramp Up Metabolism

Here’s a diet tip for you: If you want to lose weight, drink water! Studies have shown that drinking water can actually increase metabolic rates. Don’t just scrimp on the fatty foods if you want to lose weight, chug some water as well.

5. Stay Healthy

The immune system works hard to stay in shape. Water helps by flushing out the toxins that can make you sick. Drinking water will improve your chances of fighting off colds and illness.

6. Get Energy

Water serves as a speedboat for oxygen throughout your body. When you are hydrated, oxygen has a waterway for transportation, giving you greater energy and endurance.

7. Boost Your Vitamins

Water not only helps to transport oxygen – it helps to transport vitamins, as well! The more water you drink, the easier it is to spread the necessary vitamins to improve functionality to your body, resulting in a stronger version of you!