Do You Really Need to Install a Water Filtration System?

Do You Really Need to Install a Water Filtration System?

When it comes to a water filtration system, Perth home and business owners often question whether they are really necessary. Installing water filtration systems involves additional costs, and when you are already paying for tap water, it can seem like an unnecessary expense. Therefore, it is important to assess whether you actually need a system in your home or business.

The Importance of Water:

Most people who have even a passing interest in their health and well-being appreciate the importance of proper hydration. However, while many people consider their water intake in the hot summer months, many forget that hydration is just as important in winter. Water is vital for most of the systems in the human body. It is needed to regulate temperature, process food and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Most health experts recommend that we drink two to three litres of water each day. This amount can vary according to our sex, age, health, activity levels and any underlying medical conditions.

The Importance of Water Quality:

While you may have been aware of the importance of drinking lots of water, you may not have realised that water quality also has a direct impact on health and well-being. Although we have far better water standards compared to the third world, our tap water still contains many contaminants that could impact the taste or beneficial effects. While Australian water regulators must comply with the NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) guidelines, this does not mean that our tap water is of the highest quality. Out of the thousands of potential water contaminants that can be found in Australian water supplies, approximately 70 are monitored for safety standards in municipal water. These 70 have been deemed as a potential danger to human health, such as cryptosporidium, that does not mean that there is no risk associated with the other potential contaminants. For example, in recent years scientists have begun to document the detrimental effects of DBPs or disinfectant by-products. These are chemical combinations that can react with natural elements to create a harmful effect. As yet, there are potentially hundreds of DBPs that are not monitored or regulated.

Water Filtration Systems Provide Additional Protection:

Even if the tap water in your area is of a particularly high standard, it is still possible that the water coming out of your tap is not free of contaminants. Metal particles and other debris from corroding or broken pipes can be carried in your water supply, contaminating your drinking water. With a water filtration system, Perth home and business owners can be confident that not only are these particles eliminated, but any other undesirable contaminants are also removed from drinking water. When you switch to filtered drinking water, you may notice that the taste of your tea and coffee is improved, and there are no strange underlying tastes in your dishes prepared using water.

If you are considering a water filtration system, Perth home or business owners should speak to us. The Aussie Natural team is available to answer any queries and assist you in determining the best system to suit the particular needs of your home or business, so you can have confidence that you can obtain the optimum health benefits from your drinking water.