Cycling With Camelbak Drink Bottles: What You Should Know

Cycling With Camelbak Drink Bottles: What You Should Know
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In today’s busy world, it can be a struggle to find a way to keep on top of your fitness goals. Sometimes the gym just isn’t quite enough, or you’re wanting to add something else to your fitness routine, or you want to start somewhere small. Or, you may be wanting to reduce your carbon footprint by using an alternative way of travelling to your workplace. If this sounds like you, you might be interested in starting up cycling, or are already cycling around! It’s a great way to keep fit, while also getting you to where you need to be.

The key to cycling well is to have the proper equipment. Make sure you’ve got a reliable bicycle, a helmet, well-fitted shoes, a high quality sunscreen with high SPF, and of course, a trusty camelbak drink bottle that can appropriately address your hydration needs on the go.

Avoiding cramps when cycling


You may be wondering: why a water bottle? When you’re cycling for long periods of time, your muscles can get overworked. A side effect of this is that your muscles can have sudden, involuntary contractions, or simply put, cramps. This can be extremely painful, and because of it it can be difficult if not impossible to use the affected muscles for an extended period of time. If you’re cycling in hot weather, the probability that you’ll cramp also increases. It’s not a pleasant experience to go through, so you have to know how to avoid it.

The important thing to note is that aside from proper stretching before you cycle, you can also combat the possibility of getting cramps by making sure that you’re appropriately hydrated as you go. Using camelbak drink bottles, for example, helps provide you with easy access to refreshing water that can help protect your joints and muscles from dehydration, which will then lessen the risk of your calf muscles cramping as you cycle to where you need to be. 


Insulated water bottles for cycling and what to look for

When looking for Perth camelbak drink bottles, it’s important to note that not all bottles are made the same. Check to see what material your water bottle options are made of: BPA free plastic, stainless steel, or insulated bottles are great choices depending on your requirements and budget constraints. These materials are tried and tested to give you the cleanest drinking experience without worrying about chemicals seeping into your water over time, so you can rest assured that you’re hydrating with the best of the best on the market. While BPA free plastic and stainless steel offer quick, simple hydration, insulated water bottles can be a great idea if you prefer cold water when you cycle, as nothing can quite beat the refreshment of ice cold water on a hot sunny day.

Camelbak Drink Bottles


And since you’ll be drinking on the go, look for bottles with easy to drink from rubber spouts, as this takes away the added effort of unscrewing the bottle cap to drink. Having this little convenience can go a long way, especially if your hands are sweaty from cycling.


Still wondering which bottle to go for? Of course, going for well-known and reliable camelbak drinking bottles gives you peace of mind that your bottles will be sturdy and stand the rigors of your cycling sessions time and again, no matter when or what season you go. Available in a variety of types and colours, it will be easy to find a water bottle that will suit your needs perfectly.

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