Where Should You Position Your Water Cooler and Cups Holder?

Where Should You Position Your Water Cooler and Cups Holder?

A water cooler is a great addition to any home or office environment. The workplace will benefit from helping employees and clients to keep adequately hydrated throughout the working day. There are also other fringe benefits to be enjoyed, including improving morale, creating brainstorming areas and encouraging conversation. Bearing all this in mind, it’s very important to ensure that your water cooler is positioned in the correct place. There are a few considerations to the location you may be interested in using. Let’s take a closer look at some prime location for your water cooler.

In The Reception Area:

This is a great way to welcome your employees into the workplace and offer thirsty arriving clients a refreshing drink of water. This location offers advantages and disadvantages for everyday use. The main advantage is the ease of use for visitors and those employees that are working in and around reception all day. This location is less useful for employees that may be working in another part of the building, and they will have to travel to reception to get a drink. This could be disruptive to the regular operations in reception and a non central location for most employees could interrupt work. A better idea in a medium to larger business would be to have a water cooler in reception and other water coolers in different areas.

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In The Kitchen or Breakroom:

This is a classic location for a standing water cooler by a wall or a countertop unit. This will encourage your employees to grab a drink of water when they are enjoying their lunch or taking a break. This will raise their level of hydration, improving their work performance and cognitive functionality. A cup holder is recommended to cut down on the number of glasses and reduce the risks of accidental glass breakages.

Some Important Considerations:

The office water cooler should be kept out of direct sunlight that can heat up the water and encourage mould growth. If this is not possible, fit a water bottle cover to block the sun and keep the water bottle safe. If the water does turn green don’t panic, the water may be unpalatable to drink, but it is not harmful to health.

A standing water cooler should always be located against a wall to prevent tripping. If the water cooler is freestanding, the power cable is a dangerous hazard, and the cooler will be less stable.

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