Homemade recipes that will ACTUALLY help you to drink more water!

Homemade recipes that will ACTUALLY help you to drink more water!
Spring Water Recipes

We all know that staying hydrated is absolutely vital to our health! Pretty much everyone could stand to drink more water, especially in Australia where our summers can be scorching. However, we are all guilty of reaching for more palatable, sugar filled refreshment options that do nothing for our health and often dehydrates us further!

This summer, try out these appetising additions to your glass of spring water to encourage you and those around you to drink water more often – and did we mention, they are simple, easy and added sugar free!

Fruit infused water
Instead of reaching for fruit juice, try out fruit infused water.
Store bought fruit juice is often very high in added sugars which in turn ramps up its calorie content. Instead, try adding some ice and some chopped fruit to a cold glass of water from your water cooler.

Steeping chopped fruit in water allows the flavour of your fruit to slowly diffuse into your water and add a refreshing, subtle flavour to an otherwise plain glass of water. You can enjoy your fruit flavour without the excess sugar and calorie content.

There are endless possibilities for flavours and fruit combinations you might like to try, so experiment with your favourite fruits to see what tantalise your taste buds.

We suggest trying out Punch Fork’s Strawberry, basil and lime combination!

Sugar free cordial
Full sugar cordial is a sure fire way to get anyone jumped up on a sugar rush, but if you find plain water a little difficult to swallow, a small dash of sugar free cordial could be what encourages you to drink more glasses of water throughout the day.

Sugar free cordials come in an array of different flavours and are easy to find at supermarkets. If sweet drinks are not your thing, adding the smallest amount into a large glass of water from your home water cooler will give your water just a slight hint of flavour.

Cold brew tea
Sometimes tea is best served cold. You can infuse your favourite tea bags in cold water to continue enjoying your favourite beverage despite the hot weather. Unlike hot tea, cold brewed tea takes much longer to brew, so we suggest filling a water pitcher full of water from your water cooler and leaving your tea bags in overnight. If you keep your brewing tea in the fridge you’ll have a full day’s supply of flavoured water for the next day. You can make cold brew tea with pretty much any tea bags or loose leaf tea that you like, but we recommend citrus and fruit teas as the best cold brew options.

Be wary of any teas that contain caffeine, as they act as a diuretic and can worsen dehydration.

Dairy free smoothies
If you feel like a little fruit indulgence, try making a fruit smoothie with water as your base. By replacing other ingredients in your smoothie recipe with water, or choosing a smoothie with a water base, you’ll be able to drink a whole glass of water without even noticing it.

If your smoothie recipe calls for a glass of milk, coconut milk or orange juice to be added, try using a glass of water instead. This will work best with smoothies that have a tropical, berry of citrus flavour combination.

Frozen fruit cubes
Frozen fruit cubes can be a fancy, fun way to make drinking water more flavourful and exciting. Chop up your favourite summer fruits and place them, alongside some water or a small dash of fruit juice, into ice cube moulds. Once they are fully frozen, you can pop them out and place them into a refreshing glass of cold water.

Frozen fruit cubes are a great option for parties, kids drinks or just as an afternoon treat. We love Feel Good Foodie’s recipe.

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