The Importance of Perth Water Coolers For Your Health

The Importance of Perth Water Coolers For Your Health
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Everyone knows that you needs constant hydration to keep your body healthy and energised. You might ask, why do we need so much water, and where does it go? It might surprise you to hear that on a standard day, a person could lose as much as 64 ounces – that’s eight cups – of water in their body just from perspiration. Regardless of whether or not you do strenuous physical activity, losing this amount is actually important and a regular occurrence! Throughout the day, the body maintains a healthy core body temperature, and it does so by activating your sweat glands. But with regulating your temperature, comes the risk of dehydration. Don’t forget to think about the source of the water you are drinking, too. From tap, distilled, mineral, and spring water, there’s a variety to choose from. Plus, do you go for individually bottled water, or drink from the tap? Maybe even a water cooler would be a good choice. Below, we compare water types, and which one is best for your health.

Tap water is just that. Water from your tap. It’s easy to access, and free. But is it safe for you to drink? Tap water is basically rainwater treated with chemicals to kill bacteria and make it potable. After being treated, it will then travel through possibly unsanitary pipes to get to you, which ups the chances of bacteria re-absorption. If you have a home water filter installed, that’s better; however, over time this filter can become clogged and stop preventing pollutants from getting into your water. Plus, it just tastes bad!

Distilled water is made from boiling tap or rain water. While this is great to kill off any bacteria in the fluid, the heat actually encourages the amount of heavy metals and chemicals that come from the untreated water source. While this is not harmful in small quantities, it’s an important thing to note when you are trying to be aware as to what you are putting in your body.

Mineral water is just water that contains minerals and other dissolved substances which give it a supposed therapeutic effect. It is usually effervescent, and is either manufactured or taken from springs. This is, however, a more expensive source of hydration, as today they are usually bottled at the source and then distributed for individual consumption.

Spring water is taken from underground, where it has been filtered through layers of sand and rock over years, which means that it has the added effect of minerals from the rocks it has passed through. Not only it is a natural way of filtration and mineral addition, when it is tested and processed properly to destroy bacteria and other contaminants, it is the best option for people who are after the best hydration.

We offer a range of spring water coolers for the home for rent, making sure that you have the best water readily available to you whenever you want.

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