A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Could Help You to Carry a Tune

A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Could Help You to Carry a Tune

If you have difficulty carrying a tune, or your throat feels uncomfortable and sore after singing, you don’t need to hang up the karaoke mic; you should just reach for a glass of water. Singing can actually be quite tough on the body, particularly if you are performing on stage under hot lighting. As a singer, the most important thing to do is stay hydrated.

Hot and Cold Water Cooler

Why Water is Important:

Singing involves the vocal cords and diaphragm. When you are singing the vocal cords vibrate and move together. This is a normal movement, but if you are under hydrated the cords can become irritated, swollen and red. In order to maintain a healthy mucous membrane around your vocal cords, you need to be properly hydrated.

How Much Should You Drink?

If you are a singer, it is particularly important that you are properly hydrated. Before a performance, you may need to be camped out by the hot and cold water dispenser. You will need to drink approximately two litres of water each day. However, your gender, age, and overall health will affect whether you need to drink a little more or less. While this seems like a massive amount of water, it breaks down to approximately eight glasses in a full day. For singers, the difficulty may be that you are performing in bars and other venues serving alcohol. Of course, you may want to indulge a little to calm the stage fright with a drink or two. You can still do this, but you should make sure that you include water to avoid dehydration. A good rule of thumb is to alternate; if you drink a soda or beer, ensure that you follow it with a glass of water. You may also find that drinking hot tea is soothing on your throat before and after a performance.

Be Alert for Signs of Dehydration:

If you don’t want your voice to crack during a performance, you should be alert for any signs of dehydration before your gig. Keep an eye on your urine to check the colour; it should be a light and clear, otherwise you are not drinking enough. Additionally, be aware of how much you are sweating or if you feel thirsty.

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