Storage Rack for Water Cooler Bottles

3 Water Bottle Stand
6 Bottle Storage Stand

3 & 6 bottle storage racks – An excellent space saver to store your 15L bottles

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For easy storage of your large water bottles, simply find a home for our bottled water storage rack. Keep all of your water bottles for your cooler or dispenser in one place, with easy access and tidily stacked away in a bottle holder.


With a simple, pleasant design, perfect to complement any home or office, our water cooler bottle rack is a functional piece of storage, designed with our Aussie Natural Spring Water customers in mind. Specific design features keep your bottles from tipping or rolling off shelves, and structural support provides stability and reliability. Storing 6 water bottles in one safe place, means that you always have your Aussie Natural Spring Water ready, when you need it.

Talk to our friendly staff about how you can purchase one, and even get it delivered right to your doorstep. Our helpful team can organise a speedy delivery, as well as regular water bottle deliveries to keep your cooler/dispenser full, with plenty to spare on your bottle rack.

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