Water Gets the Corner Office

Water Gets the Corner Office

Water provides many benefits for the body. It rids the body of waste, helps regulate body temperature, and even transports oxygen. To stay hydrated and at peak performance, humans should consume 2-3 liters of water per day.

Do you live up to these standards at work? Studies show that you should, as increased water consumption improves brainpower and productivity. However, it can be easier at work to reach for a soda or a cup of coffee instead healthier options designed to keep you hydrated.

Here are 5 ways you can stay hydrated at the office.

1. Bring a Water Bottle

Bring a water bottle to work to give yourself a visual reminder of the water you need to consume throughout the day as well as the ease of having water at your fingertips. Fill up with Water in a Bag™ to take advantage of a refreshing and environmentally conscience option.

2. Eat Fruit

Fruit such as watermelon, plums, and oranges have a high water content and can help to replenish your body without adding to dehydration.

3. Consume Electrolytes

Water enhanced with electrolytes can help hydrate your body more quickly. Natural foods such as the watermelon listed above is high in electrolytes, and there are even drink additives you can purchase to increase the hydration in your water. Many of these powders can add flavor to your drink, too.

4. Skip the Caffeine

It may seem as though caffeine is helping you to get through the day, but hydration will also help to enhance your performance. Things like soda and coffee can act as diuretics, reducing your water supply and dehydrate your body.

5. Participate in a Water Challenge

Do you do better when working as a team? Divide the office up into teams and have employees log their water consumption throughout the day. At the end of the week, reward the team with the greatest amount of water consumption with a prize or recognition. This will help to make drinking water a habit as well is the team building sport.