Water Cooler Dispensers: Which Type is Right For You?

Water Cooler Dispensers: Which Type is Right For You?
Water Dispensers

If you want a convenient way to have a ready supply of spring water on hand in your home or office, a water cooler dispenser is the perfect addition. A water cooler offers an easy way to stay hydrated and, best of all, the water gets delivered directly to your door for the ultimate convenience. When it comes to choosing your water cooler, there are a few different types you can choose from. Let’s take a look!

Freestanding water cooler

When people think about water coolers, they often think about the freestanding variety which are found in most workplaces. These are a great all-round option – they can be easily placed in a central location and offer easy access to fresh, natural spring water. These coolers are available with a large capacity so you won’t run out of water too quickly and mean that you don’t need to resort to drinking the nasty chemicals or hidden pathogens in tap water. Having a water cooler offers a convenient way to stay hydrated whether in a home or office environment. You can choose water coolers which have cool/cold or hot/cold water dispensers – whichever you prefer!

Benchtop water cooler

If you’re looking for a water cooler for home but don’t want to opt for the larger freestanding variety, benchtop options are a popular choice. Benchtop water dispensers mean that you always have fresh water available, but they are compact enough to keep on a benchtop or table so they won’t take up too much space. These are also a perfect addition for smaller businesses who want to give staff and customers access to spring water. As with freestanding coolers, benchtop varieties also come with cool/cold and hot/cold options.

Ceramic water dispenser

Ceramic water dispensers are another option that you have when it comes to your water dispenser and are a fantastic choice if you don’t want to use a power source for your cooler. With a ceramic dispenser, you can put it anywhere without having to worry about having a power source nearby and they are also great to take away on holiday or camping. Your ceramic cooler will keep your water at just below room temperature so you have access to chilled water wherever you are.

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