Using a Cold and Hot Water Dispenser for Drinking

Using a Cold and Hot Water Dispenser for Drinking

There are many benefits to using a cold and hot water dispenser, Perth residents may not be aware of. Specifically, in this article, we will be looking at the temperature of drinking water. Our water dispenser is ideal for drinking spring water in a variety of temperatures. Let’s take a closer look at how drinking water at different times can have a variety of different benefits.

Temperature Matters:

Our bodies can benefit from a variety of different temperatures, depending upon the activity being performed at any given moment, such as illness, physical activity, and dietary changes. This is also true when drinking water and the different temperatures of water can have very different effects on your body.

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Drinking Cold Water:

When we drink cold water, we feel instantly refreshed, and it even tastes better than water kept at room temperature. According to certain surveys, more than 60% of people prefer drinking water when it’s cold. Cold drinking water has a number of useful properties that may be surprising to some, they are:

Metabolism and Weight Control: When we drink cold water we burn more calories than drinking warm water. This could even add up to 70 calories per day if cold drinking water is ingested regularly. To put this into perspective, a person weighing 70 kg would need to walk for 15 minutes to burn the same number of calories. For someone trying to lose weight or that has problems exercising, this is a useful trick.

Lower Core Temperature When Exercising: When we exercise, the body temperature is heightened, and we sweat to lower the temperature to equalize out bodies. Sweating is important for weight loss, but the body also loses electrolytes and water at the same time. Drinking cold water makes a person 50% more capable of keeping their temperature down.

Managing a Fever: When you have a fever, drinking cold water hydrates you and takes a fever down. Add a pinch of sea salt and lemon juice to replace lost electrolytes.

Drinking Warm Water:

If you take a hot shower, have a bath or swim in a heated pool, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. This is also true when we drink warm water; it can affect us in the following ways: as an aid to digestion, to detoxify, to relieve pain and to settle an upset stomach.

Room Temperature Water:

It should also be noted that the best hydration when drinking water, takes place at room temperature. Room temperature is typically noted to be 16ºC, and this could be useful for those not requiring any of the other temperature benefits listed above.

If they are looking for a hot water dispenser, Perth WA residents should contact us here at Aussie Natural. We stock a wide variety of the highest quality water equipment, including an excellent cold and hot water dispenser. All of our product range is manufactured to high standards and are fully compliant with Australian regulations. We offer generous rental terms and deliver spring water direct to your door for added convenience. We’re looking forward to discussing your needs in greater detail and answering your questions.

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Linh KnightwoodLinh Knightwood
05:13 25 Jan 22
Best water, service and price! Dealt with Hayley through email who was efficient and friendly and Mary over the phone more recently to add more bottles to be delivered and she was easy to understand and prompt ! Love having good cold water in Perths summer heat and it’s made better when it’s so easy to access with their delivery service and the great customer service they provide.
Nam SilvestriNam Silvestri
02:25 20 Jan 22
What a huge improvement from the last company I used. Service is great, super lovely staff who actually want your business and go out of their way. Water always on time and prompt. Great value and great service. Well done guys. I highly recommend.
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Nice and fast service.
01:46 07 Mar 21
Best water in Perth
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03:51 14 Jul 20
Great value and rapid customer support
Tanya BoltTanya Bolt
12:25 26 Feb 20
When your daughter mentions that the water at Mummy's house is better than at Daddy's house you know your onto something good. If a 5yo can taste the difference in the water quality what's that say about what is coming out of our taps. Thanks for making the small changes I've made in our health easy. Delivery guy is always polite and happy to carry the bottles to where I store them. Staff, on the few times I've had to visit the Wangara office, are always polite. Really if you want to do something good for your family then Aussie Natural Spring Water is a no brainer. You won't regret the change.