The Key to Good Health Could be Your Spring Water Bottle

The Key to Good Health Could be Your Spring Water Bottle

Most of us appreciate that you need to drink adequate fluids to maintain health. However, you may be unaware that the quality of the water can also have an impact. Since we live in a first world country, it would be easy to assume that our water supplies are of a high standard. Although drinking water standards are monitored and approximately 70 potentially harmful contaminants are regulated, this does not mean that our tap water is the best source of drinking water.

Potential Problems With Tap Water:

While many contaminants are monitored and regulated, these are contaminants that are known to have a detrimental effect on health. For example, metals such as lead, which can be naturally occurring are not permitted to be present in water supplies, since even small amounts can affect mental development in children. However, there are literally thousands of chemicals, minerals, metals and bacteria that can occur as a result of industrial activities, the agricultural industry and mining. The long term effects of some of these potential contaminants have yet to be fully documented. This means that we could unwittingly be increasing our risks of developing illnesses and medical conditions.

Is Pure Water the Answer?

Since many people are aware of the potential problems with tap water, there has been an increase in domestic water treatment systems that create “pure” water. These systems essentially filter out any traces of minerals, metals and other contaminants. While this sounds like a good idea, by removing all of these particles, you are actually removing both beneficial and potentially harmful elements. Additionally, “pure” water can taste a little flat and dull. This is because it is the trace minerals in water that make it taste nice.

The Benefits of Natural Spring Water:

The liquid inside your spring water bottle has been sourced from a natural spring. This means that the water has been naturally filtered through layers of rock and sediment to create a clean tasting and refreshing beverage. The water contains trace minerals that can be beneficial to your health and since it tastes so good, it encourages you to drink enough to stay properly hydrated.

If your water doesn’t taste very nice, you are more likely to stick to other beverages such as tea, coffee or soda, that while they add to your fluid intake, they are not the optimum liquids for proper hydration. However, when you have a source of delicious water, you are more likely to reach for a spring water bottle than a bottle of sugary, artificially coloured fizzy drink. Since water doesn’t contain calories, sugar or artificial colours, it is bound to be better for your health. You won’t experience the sugar spikes from fizzy drinks or fruit juice, or the caffeine slump after drinking coffee. Being properly hydrated will allow your systems to work at peak efficiency and you should feel more alert and energised.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of spring water, speak to us. Aussie Natural specialises in offering a spring water system for home or business use. We have a wide range of options to suit your particular requirements and we can even offer various sizes of spring water bottle of our delicious water sourced from protected springs in the Darling Ranges.

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