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How to Survive the Holiday Food Onslaught

How to Survive the Holiday Food Onslaught


Holidays are here. And the food. And those extra 15 pounds you think you have to accept as a fact each holiday season. Why fight it?

Wait! Hold on! Facing holiday food is not a lost cause.

  • Self-Defence: Eat protein every 3-4 hours. When you maintain a steady blood sugar level, you avoid cravings, especially sweets. Right there you stave off hundreds of extra calories.
  •   Be a picky eater and eat only the food you really love. If you take a bite of something and it’s not mind-blowingly good, put it down or give it to someone else. You don’t have to eat everything, only what you enjoy. There – more calories uneaten.
  •   Help others by providing healthy food. When you bring something to a party, contribute something healthy that you like. Even if it’s just a crudité platter or fruit salad, your healthy addition will be appreciated, and you have it available for your own plate to help keep portions of the rich stuff moderate.
  • Drink while you drink. Drink one or two glasses of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. Water is filling, contains no calories, and helps you space apart the alcoholic drinks that are filled with calories – empty calories. Now you’ve cut your drinking calories in half!
  • More self-defence with supplements. Magnesium, B12 and fish oil are especially important around the holidays. Magnesium keeps your digestion and circulation moving, B12 reduces cortisol — the pesky stress hormone that promotes weight gain and retention — and fish oil supports cognitive health and weight maintenance.
  • Avoid emotional eating. Are you mad at a relative? Disappointed someone didn’t make it to Christmas dinner this year? Don’t react by eating. Accept and nurture yourself in non-food ways . Take a hot bath, do yoga, or meditate. A long walk helps release endorphins that make you feel better.
The holidays are about sharing, love and prosperity. Shift your focus to engaging in great conversations. Make food a lower priority. Sit away from the buffet and chat instead. No calories are in talking. And you can burn some with walking. Suggest a family walk after meals. Use up the calories you just ate. Guess what, you didn’t gain weight this