Exercise in the water this summer with water aerobics!!

Exercise in the water this summer with water aerobics!!

There is a common misconception that water aerobics is reserved for grannies and young children however this is not the case!

Water aerobics is actually a powerful, fat burning exercise that many people are turning to. It is especially becoming popular with those who suffer from joint pain, limited mobility or have an injury.

It’s a great way to stay out the sun this summer but still keep cool and exercise. Most local swimming pools hold classes but why not test it out in your pool at home! Check out the exercises and video below to get you started.

5 Easy Water Aerobics Exercises to Try

Otter Roll: Practice floating on your back, then flip over as an otter would do. Try to keep your legs straight. This is a great exercise for your core and oblique’s. Use your whole body, but focus on using your core to turn. You can hold onto a ball to challenge yourself.

Ball Lever:

Practice floating face-down, legs straight. Next, take a ball and submerge it below the water making a 90-degree angle with your arms and body. This exercise tones your arms and core.

Water Kickboxing:

The water provides excellent resistance to your punches. Water kickboxing is one of your higher calorie burning exercises–you can move just as much as if out of the water!

Aqua Jogging:

Ideal for those that would normally run, but cannot because they have injuries. Simply jog in place in the water, and make sure to bring the knees up high. You can also buy special floatation devices to get a better aqua jog workout.

Hamstring Curls:

Great way to banish cellulite! Place a pool noodle behind the knee, and press your ankles back into the water. You don’t need much resistance to tone the hamstrings, and the water provides a great workout.