Addressing Sleep Dehydration with 15L Water Bottles

Addressing Sleep Dehydration with 15L Water Bottles

Many of us, have experienced at one time or another a feeling of dehydration when we wake up in the morning. This is a common phenomenon, and it isn’t always related to heavy partying on the night before. When we become dehydrated our sleep can be affected, and this can lead to a lack of energy for the day ahead. Let’s take a closer look at this issue and offer some simple solutions that you can implement today.

The Importance of Drinking Water::

We’ve all heard or read a lot of media related to the health benefits of drinking an adequate amount of water. The body must have water to function at an optimal level throughout the day. Water is needed for bodily functions, such as: alleviating constipation, aiding digestion, flushing out harmful toxins, regulating our body temperatures and it can also help with sleeping better at night.

Importance of Drinking Water

How Hydration Can Affect Your Sleep:

Our brains contain 85% water, so having adequate hydration is essential for maintaining brain functionality. Also, the most active time for the brain is when you are asleep, and this is when you process memories, stress, and worries. We need this time to put our thoughts in better order; the brain recuperates during sleep and cells are regenerated. If you’re dehydrated when you sleep, the brain cannot rest properly, and it will be less effective when you wake.

Addressing Hydration Issues:

Doctors believe that dehydration can disrupt cognitive functionality, so we need to stay hydrated. As we age, we may have to get up periodically throughout the night anyway so a water bottle by the bed can be used for a quick drink. However, this is not the only way to address hydration issues through the night. In fact, if you time your water consumption correctly you will have adequate hydration that will last for the entire sleeping period. Experiment with differing amounts of water and drink your last glass an hour before bedtime. Check your hydration levels, observing signs, such as dark urine, dry or chapped lips, fatigue, headaches and hunger pangs. If you don’t experience any of these symptoms when you wake, congratulations you have an effective nighttime hydration regimen.

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