3 Risks to Avoid with a Benchtop Water Cooler

3 Risks to Avoid with a Benchtop Water Cooler

A benchtop water cooler can provide a quick and easy way to keep your clients, employees and family members hydrated throughout the day. Having access to cool fresh water at the push of a button is convenient, but the cooler needs to be correctly maintained and cleaned to be effective. At Aussie Natural, we include your maintenance needs in our rental package to make your water cooler experience as easy as possible. However, there are things that you need to be aware of if you’re not used to using a water cooler. Here are three risks that you need to avoid when you’re using a water cooler..

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1. Avoiding Scalding Injuries:

Most modern water dispensers are now equipped with a hot water tap with its own switch to avoid scalding injuries for users. This is a much safer option than using a busy office kettle, it significantly reduces the incidences of scalding injuries, but it can take some time to get used to. Most hot water dispenser injuries are caused because of the hot water being handled in a careless manner. As an example, some people like to fill narrow necked bottles with hot water, and as a result, they spill hot water on their hands. It’s safer to place the receptacle on the drip tray and operate the hot water tap without touching the bottle, mug or cup, at all.

2. Loading the Water Bottle Safely:

At some point, it’s likely that you will visit the water cooler and discover that the water bottle is empty. A new full bottle of water will need to be fitted, and this is where many people can hurt their backs. Like any other object, you should always use the proper techniques when lifting it into place. Always keep your back as straight as possible, squat down to lift the bottle and hold it firmly before lifting. Then when you stand back up you can easily place the new bottle into the dispenser safely.

3. Falls and Slips:

If there is an internal leak in the water cooler, a pool of water could form at the base of the unit. This can easily cause a slip hazard on a harder tiled surface if the problem isn’t identified early. Any spillages should be immediately mopped up, and you should contact us here at Aussie Natural for some technical advice and support.

If you’re looking for a benchtop cold water dispenser, get in touch with us here at Aussie Natural. We supply a large selection of water related products, including an excellent benchtop water dispenser. All of our products are manufactured to high standards and are fully compliant with Australian standards. We supply locally sourced delicious natural spring water, and we deliver directly to your home or office for added convenience. Our team members are standing by to discuss your particular needs in greater detail, and they will be delighter to answer any remaining questions that you may have.

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